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About Us

We are an innovative proudly Australian owned Exclusive Private Sales Events company.  

Spreading the power of Innovation

DTS Sales Innovations is an automotive performance improvement company.  Providing Dealerships with innovative software and performance improvement training programs.


We exist because of our passion for performance improvement through innovation.



At DTS Sales Innovations we believe that "Good is the enemy of great," for this reason we constantly challenge ourselves in everything we do. From the development of new software programs and innovative training programs to deliver the best customer experience we can.

We have over 35 years of cumulative business experience in both the Automotive and software industries. Giving us a unique advantage over our competition. In addition to being in Australia, we have offices in New Zealand and South Africa.

Andrew Myers

“I have over 26 years of sales and management experience in the automotive industry. I am widely recognized as a top performer. My career as a sales consultant progressed quickly from a recruit to top ranking countrywide! My involvement has touched all aspects of dealership operations, from Sales Consultant to Dealer Principal, to Regional and National Sales roles with both Audi and BMW.


From 2007, I have followed my passion for training and coaching dealerships achieve and exceed their financial and sales volume goals. My extensive experience and understanding of both the retail and manufacturing sectors, has enabled me to become a valuable automotive business coach and driver of sales through the development of Private Sales Events and Dealership coaching. 

My passion for the industry and love of the sale drives my desire to assist dealerships to achieve greater success in all areas of their business.