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DTS Private Sales Events are high-energy, systematic, scripted, with predictable results, typically you can sell more cars in a day than you would in a week.

Close more deals

Track all your customer information and interactions in one place, anywhere. Your results are immediate and accurate so that you can track your return on investment.

Save on Advertising

DTS Private Sales Events is a high customer satisfaction event, for your best customers.

There is no advertising or marketing spend necessary, saving you thousands of Dollars. It is not open to the public; it is by invitation only, be paper free!

Accelerate Productivity

It is a high impact sales event; that will boost your sales forecasts and blitz your monthly revenues. A win/win for both your best customers and your dealership.

Get more leads.

This event is profitable with tangible ROI, unlike most other sales events. It is fully managed which allows you to track and measure all your sales activities and profitability, giving you a measurable result.




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The whole process has a client appreciation and high-touch feeling for the customer. Typical results are a week’s worth of sales volume in one day.

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How is this different from other events?

We are constantly being bombarded with a variety of sales events. As a result of this, the positive impact of sales event is being eroded.


How are we different? 

The big question is how is this event different?

  1. Innovative delivery of invitation-only events and offers via cutting edge communication - clear and accurate reporting.  
  2. It is systematic and process driven – we follow a proven process that has been tried and tested Internationally, pulling in your best customers.
  3. Predictable results – we can almost predict based on your sales team size how many sales you potentially could close.
  4. Controlled – with the process we know how many calls you will make, how many will participate and how many will buy.
  5. Dedicated training & preparation – before each event we spend twice the time on telephone and sales skills training and preparing for your event.
  6. Save thousands on marketing and advertising, as there is no need for this to occur.

What are the benefits?

It allows you to take control and drive your sales results even higher, or to catch up on your sales targets, reduce your stock holding while not diminishing your brand values.

Excite your sales teams, as they will be producing their best day’s sales results, through their efforts. An achievement they never thought possible until they have completed our sales event.


Huge momentum in sales in the weeks following .....

What will you get out of it?

“Selling is the highest paid hard work, the lowest paid easy work.”

We not only provide a high return on investment sale event; we tune up the sales skills of your people in the process. This training goes beyond the event and phone skills.  We want to leave your team stronger so that they can perform at a higher level beyond the sale event